The Custom Re-manufactured Ignition Distributor Picture has Changed!

Goose #1 1...An ignition distributor is an electro-mechanical on-board computer that controls when and in which cylinder the ignition spark ignites the fuel in a gas or gasoline engine. When this electro-mechanical computer is not operating properly (due to wear, poor lubrication, corrosion, worn, or broken parts, etc.), your engine is not running properly or efficiently. You’re using excessive fuel to power the machine or vehicle. More gas is used to deliver less power and performance.

Engine manufacturers started replacing ignition distributors with “Engine Management Computers” 10 to 20 years ago (some more recently). Most ignition distributor manufacturers ceased making replacement parts shortly thereafter. Now the manufacturers of common expendable items such as caps, rotors, contacts (points), gears, shafts, leads, etc. have started phasing out inventories. This places custom re-manufacturing facilities at a disadvantage.

Buffalo Machine saw the handwriting on the wall and started collecting cores and available parts. We also began equipping to repair, manufacture, and stock replacement parts for use on our premier re-manufactured ignition distributors. We maintain a well equipped precision machine shop where many replacement and repair parts are routinely manufactured for the units we place back in service. We also have a team available to search for hard-to-find distributor cores and components.

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