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How We Stay “The Premier US Custom Re-manufacturer of Ignition Distributors.”

You can rely on our finished distributors for long, trouble free, maximum performance service! The following are some of the features and benefits of the engineering and workmanship that go into each ignition unit Buffalo Machine Works re-manufactures/restores:

  1. Each distributor is totally disassembled and thoroughly cleaned using environmentally friendly methods and materials. This clean-up procedure is time consuming but allows for a thorough examination of each part as well as checking the “fit” of each part with its mating parts. This includes checking pivots, annular bearings, thrust bearings, sliding parts, electrical contacts, etc. It also lets us more thoroughly examine the condition of all plastic, rubber, composition, and electrical parts. Parts needing repair are done at this point. We do the best job possible, utilizing modern day technology, to eliminate potential future failures.Goose #1 1...
  2. Each distributor part undergoes a surface stress relieving process to help insure against future part failure (failure caused by stress cracking). This process further enables our technicians to further inspect each part for defects or for the need for further treatment, repair, machining, etc.
  3. All metal parts are treated, using space age technology, to inhibit corrosion, rusting, etc. All parts are treated to prevent the problems associated with moisture and other corrosive material contamination.
  4. Where available, all fastening hardware (drive keys, screws, washers, nuts, retaining clips, etc.) are replaced with stainless steel items of like or better (better than original) quality and selection.
  5. When available, all seals, O-rings, etc are replaced with similar parts made of Viton. Most automotive parts are originally Buna-N which gets hard (even brittle) with heat, lubricant exposure, and age. Viton costs approximately three times as much as Buna-N but the benefit of “less hardening” and “better sealing” justifies the cost! Fewer leaking seals means less maintenance later!
  6. When available, and supplied by Buffalo Machine Works, contact sets (points) are used which use “linen reinforced phenolic” cam follower blocks rather than the cheaper, less stable, less reliable, molded soft plastic cam followers frequently used. This costs a bit more but results in less maintenance and better performance over longer periods of time. We use the best condensers available in a effort to insure fewer failures later. When applicable, wires are replaced to alleviate cracking of old insulation, a frequent cause of the need for service later. Replacement of contacts, condensers, pick-up coils, control modules, rotors, caps, bearings, seals, etc. with new parts (when obtainable) is insurance against premature failure “down the road”.
  7. Buffalo Machine Works attempts to replace all excessively worn parts with new parts. This is sometimes not possible on older distributors. In such cases the following methods are used:
    1. Good used parts are searched for, purchased, inspected, and installed;
    2. Old parts are sometimes repairable using our modern shop equipment and by utilizing modern technology and materials; frequently, we are able to re-grind and/or micro polish worn or pitted cams.
    3. It is often possible to custom fabricate a replacement part, to manufacture and install new pivot pins, and to re-bush worn pivot holes.
  8. It is not considered advisable or appropriate to knurl worn shafts to increase the apparent diameter of an undersized condition (due to wear), especially if other methods are available. Knurling makes these parts “look good for the moment”; however, this technique is a short lived “fix”. Our re-manufactured distributors are “better than new”! We refuse to willingly compromise this fact by knurling! Buffalo Machine Works has available alternative methods to minimize the need for knurling bearing surfaces. However, in some instances, there is no other alternative. Before knurling, a Buffalo Machine Works technician will contact the customer to discuss the specifics of any sizing problem.PA032824.JPG
  9. A good example of the thoroughness of the Buffalo Machine Works approach to ignition distributor re-manufacturing is their proprietary “micro surface polishing” done on steel bearing surfaces (shafts, cams, etc.). This extra, (usually at no extra charge) treatment of critical surfaces insures factors such as “longer component life”, “adjustments that last longer”, and, “longer, smoother, more reliable ignition distributor life”
  10. Seldom do distributor repair facilities or re-builders adjust for thrust bearing wear. Buffalo Machine Works always adjusts endplay to exacting standards to minimize wear on other parts. Buffalo Machine Works uses only high quality, high performance, long lasting, bearing bronze replacement bushing material, not the more commonly used “free machining brass” or other “quick-to-wear-out” materials that sound good to the casual observer but are less than satisfactory in many applications.
  11. All moving parts are lubricated with fully synthetic, high temperature lubricants, both oils and greases. This insures reliable operation over extremely wide temperature ranges and virtually guarantees no “gumming” of oils in wicks, on pivots, and between sliding members. There is no turning to “wax” or “varnish” of the lubricants used in your distributor when “Synthetic Lubricants” are used.
  12. Each distributor is run in then “bench tested” using distributor testing equipment (Sun and Allen test benches). This techniques not only insures that a good “spark” will be generated but that advance/retard mechanisms are operating to specification, that cams are uniform lobe to lobe, that there is no “point bounce”, that capacitors are not open or shorted and are of the correct value, that dwell angles are set to manufacturer’s specs, etc.
  13. Finished distributors leaving the Buffalo Machine Works facility are electro-mechanical devices that work and look as good as (often better than) new. Even inside where one does usually look, good design and excellent workmanship are obvious. Mechanical engineers will tell you that a job done well and done right looks great. Buffalo Machine Works’s re-manufactured distributors are built well and built right! Guaranteed!!
  14. For some distributors, it is possible, in fact desirable, to convert “point type” distributors to fully electronic operation thus eliminating forever the need to adjust or replace points and/or to have to find a replacement for a badly worn cam. Again, frequently, the benefit justifies the additional cost which is minimal when compared to the long term cost savings. If your distributor is a “point type”, is on a 12 volt system, and you want maximum reliability with minimum future maintenance cost, please consider this option. It is frequently the “best answer” to a problems associated with “yesterday’s technologies”! Never change or adjust points again!NOTE: This option is not always available.
  15. Buffalo Machine Works offers specialized ignition components to further enhance engine performance and economy. Please inquire if this interests you.
  16. Automotive restorations, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment, and older ignition system applications for which there is a limited (or non-existent) supply of parts is an area for which we are noted. Don’t discard older equipment because you can no longer obtain an “off the shelf” rebuilt distributor or distributor parts. We can usually rebuild yours and guarantee it to be better than any unit you can purchase “off the shelf”. If quality, reliability, and appearance, are important to you, we can meet your needs.

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