What Makes Buffalo Machine Works Is the Premier Remanufacturer?

P7091571.JPGBuffalo Machine Works is the premier re-manufacturer/restorer of automotive type ignition distributors.

We specialize in returning ignition distributors to new or better than new condition. Our finished products meet or exceed new distributor specifications.

Our finished product sometimes costs a little more initially, however, the final product produces huge savings over the “long run.” We take pride in our work so that you can take pride and have confidence in your vehicles and equipment!

Buffalo Machine re-manufactures ignition distributors with or without:

  • Centrifugal Advance Mechanisms
  • Vacuum Advance / Retard Modules
  • Mechanical Tachometer Drives
  • built in Governors, etc.

Buffalo Machine specializes in doing “bench work” only. We are not a “garage” doing all things for all people. We do wonders when and where others have given up or failed on automobile restoration projects, agricultural equipment, trucks, fork lifts, industrial equipment, etc. Our technology includes repair and manufacturing of replacement parts for the units we re-manufacture. We maintain a complete precision machine shop as well as electronic distributor test machines. Trouble shooting difficult-to-pin-down problems, and, re-curving units to your specs are some of our other abilities. Another specialty includes conversion of contact (points) type distributors to electronic distributors. We produce units that are better than the original!

Buffalo Machine Works

P.O. Box 187
18073 County Rd. 126
Buffalo Creek, CO 80425

(fax) 303-838-5709
[email protected]

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We accept payments via Paypal.
Daily shipping/receiving via UPS.

Buffalo Machine Works is an Amsoil and SFR products dealer.
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