Ignition Distributors Re-manufactured

Specializing in Ignition Distributors for: Agricultural, Industrial, Fork-Lifts, Trucks, Industrial, and Automobile Restoration applications.

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We are America’s premier ignition distributor re-manufacturer and restorer. We restore these units to like-new or better than new condition with respect to appearance and operation (or performance and expected life). Our workmanship is backed by a lifetime warranty.

Doing distributor re-manufacturing on a “Custom”, “Bench Work Only” basis since 1948.

Buffalo Machine re-manufactured distributors feature the following:

  • Complete disassembly, clean up, inspection and stress relieving of all components.
  • Excessively worn, broken, or damaged parts are repaired or replaced.   Regrind of worn or damaged cams where needed or requested.
  • Cam and bearing surfaces “micro polished”. Improves life of the contact wear block,  minimizes need to reset point gaps, reduces break in time, and prolongs bearing life.
  • Parts corrosion inhibited using a proprietary process. Reduces or eliminates future failures and reductions in performance due to rust and corrosion.
  • Cast iron bodied units are coated with a long lasting, tough proprietary coating.
  • Moving parts lubricated with synthetic, hi-temperature, extreme pressure lubricants that stay fluid. Lubricants used  will not turn to a “wax-like” substance with time and heat exposure.
  • Fasteners and fittings are replaced with stainless steel fittings to further insure a long, trouble-free life.
  • Ask us about conversion from points to electronic ignition systems. They work well!

Call, write, or see our web site for more information. Request our data sheet with details of how we  stay in the position being of “The Premier US Custom Re-manufacturer of Ignition Distributors”. You can ship to us via UPS and we’ll return the finished unit to you via UPS. We Accept Visa and Master Card. Our goal is to produce the finest re-manufactured distributors in use today. Buffalo Machine is a custom, one at a time,  bench work only, re-manufacturing shop. Your distributors deserve, and get, our undivided, individual attention!

We guarantee the ignition distributors we re-manufacture are “Better Than Original”! “Better Built”! “Better Lubricated”! And “Better Operating” Units! You can expect them to be “Longer Lasting” than the Original!

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The Custom Re-manufactured Ignition Distributor Picture has Changed!

An ignition distributor is an electro-mechanical  on-board computer that controls when and in which cylinder the ignition spark ignites the fuel in a gas or gasoline engine. When this electro-mechanical computer is not operating properly (due to wear, poor lubrication, corrosion, worn, or broken parts, etc.),  your engine is not running properly or efficiently. You’re using excessive amounts of fuel to power the machine or vehicle. In short, more gas is used to deliver less power and performance. “Inefficiency in Action”!

Engine manufacturers started replacing ignition distributors with “Engine Management Computers” 10 to 20 years ago (some more recently). Most ignition distributor manufacturers ceased making replacement parts shortly thereafter. Now the manufacturers of common expendable items such as caps, rotors, contacts (points), gears, shafts, leads, etc. have started phasing out inventories. This has placed custom re-manufacturing facilities at a disadvantage.

Buffalo Machine saw the “handwriting on the wall” and started collecting cores and available parts. We also began equipping to repair, manufacture, and stock replacement parts for use on our “Premier” re-manufactured ignition distributors. For this, we maintain a well equipped precision machine shop where many replacement and repair parts are routinely manufactured for the units we place back in service in the field. We also have a team available to search for hard to find distributor cores, and components.


Who is Buffalo Machine Works?

Buffalo Machine re-manufactures ignition distributors with or without: Centrifugal Advance Mechanisms, Vacuum Advance / Retard Modules, Mechanical Tachometer Drives, built in Governors, etc. Buffalo Machine specializes in doing “bench work” only. We are not a “garage” doing all things for all people. We do wonders when and where others have given up or failed on automobile restoration projects, agricultural equipment, trucks, fork lifts, industrial equipment, etc.

Our technology includes repair and manufacturing of replacement parts for the units we re-manufacture. We maintain a complete precision machine shop as well as electronic distributor test machines. Trouble shooting difficult-to-pin-down problems, and, re-curving units to your specs are some of our other abilities. Another specialty includes conversion of contact (points) type distributors to electronic distributors.

We produce units that are better than the original!

Ignition Distributors Re-manufactured

Automobiles, Tractors, Trucks,  Industrial Equipment, Etc.

Below are just some of the vehicles customers have shared with us that we have had the privilege of re-manufacturing distributors for:

This car is a 1947 Plymouth Coupe. I had one while in college just like this one but a different color. Mine was a light blue. Sure does bring back memories of my past. Those were the simpler days!
“Hi Jim, it really came out great. Your help being the reason this is an award winning car. Here is a picture of the 66 GTO you did the distributor on. The car won Concourse Gold.”

The 66 GTO is Barrier Blue, customer owned since 1976.
A 1937 Buffalo Fire Truck restored by one of our customers which is using a Buffalo Machine Works re-manufactured ignition distributor!
Here is a shot of a museum piece located in Ridgeway Colorado at the Ridgeway RR Museum. The replica unit (as was the original) was based on a 1926 Buick
truck adapted to run on the rails to haul mail and milk plus maybe a passenger or two. Later the replacements for this unit was called the Galloping Geese. I rode on them many
times. I rebuilt the 1926 distributor that runs in this unit which is run fairly often. It was built using some original parts from the “Motor #1” plus another ’26 “Buick Master 6”.