We have received a number of compliments over the years. We’d like to share a few recent ones from customers around the country:

Antique OLIVER Farm Tractor Distributor with Mechanical Tach. Drive output.

“Thanks for the great job that you did. I am glad that I found Buffalo Machine Works!” – New Mexico

“The distributor looks awesome. I would definitely agree with be ‘better than new statement’…..Thanks for such a great job!” – Texas

“Thanks for the thorough update. Not many folks go to this trouble. It speaks highly of your commitment to excellence.” – California

“Your thoroughness and application of your superb craftsmanship as well as the care care of minor details really shows in the finished distributor. I’m having a hard time believing what a difference a well-tuned distributor can make in the driving of a car I’ve owned for many years.” – South Dakota

2-Cylinder, John Deere industrial crawler distributor

“You restored, to MUCH BETTER THAN brand new, 2-distributors about 3 or 4 years ago. I didn’t give a second thought as to where to turn for another so today it goes to you via UPS! Look for it in about 3 – 4 days.” – Illinois

“If I’m not mistaken, the ignition distributor I just shipped to you was #3 for our business. Thanks for our other two fine running, always starts, in-house fork lifts. Please keep it up for our last one needing a tune-up of the distributor – this one also has worn out, loose bearings. Our fork lift mechanic says your distributor rebuilder may be a bit slow but he sure does great work. His secret seems to be in the details he seems to never miss!. Please Do this one just like you did the other two! OK? What I mean is – with the same electronic conversion.” – Nevada

“Ya know what caught my eye so strongly that we sent you my GTO distributor with no prior conversation? Your 4-year warranty!
If you are that sure of your work, I decided to trust you with my pride and joy.” – Indiana

“Sure glad we discovered you! SUPERB end product in both appearance and operation!” – Texas